Email is the Best Means of Communication

Oral Communication is Not Reliable

I If you are thinking of opening up a new business, selling or buying a property, making an investment, or signing a contract, the best way of communication is through Email. Some people prefer to use the phone conversation as a means of communication, but Email is actually the best way even if it takes more time or effort to do so. It is because verbal communication is not really reliable when it comes to trust issues. If you rely on verbal communication only, you might get betrayed, frustrated, or even angry later on.

The Importance of Written Contracts

T The contract will provide the guidelines when a dispute arises. Along with the contract itself, the process of how the contract was signed and the fact that it was a willful contract are all important. If the nature of the dispute is not mentioned in the contract or if there was no written contract, then we have to rely on the conversations. It becomes more like arguing with one another, and it will go nowhere. Then, the issue might be brought to the court when the parties cannot resolve the matter on their own. The court makes decisions based on the presented evidence, not on the words of the people. On the other hand, any information left in the Email can be very effective. Therefore, it is better to communicate via Email even if it takes more time to do so. When you have different discussions with your lawyer, accountant, investor, financial advisor,  or real estate agent, use your Email for your record. If you make it a habit, then you won’t regret it.

What if the other party does not use Email?

I If the other party does not want to communicate via Email, then there must be a reason for it. It is probably because they do not want to be responsible for their words. If there is no written agreement, they could change their words anytime or even say they cannot remember. It is quite foolish to go for a lawsuit without having any evidence such as exchanged emails. The other party would never admit their fault. They will either lie or claim that they do not remember anything. The lawsuit without evidence takes a long time to get through, and it is very difficult to expect a positive outcome. For example, if you have an email that can prove the wrong of the other party, you can probably save 3 years and your cost will be 5 times less. If you have strong evidence, you can settle before the trial. Therefore, you can begin the initial session on the phone, but make sure to get the email address at the end of the session. Send a confirmation email and use it as a means of communication throughout the time you are working with that person.

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